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I love the simple things in life!
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My photos are all about LOVE!

I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champagne….  Oh actually an Apperol Spritz is my favourite at the moment!

I would love to hear all about you and your love story.

Shell xx

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Shellbells Photography | Michaella & Sam’s First Wedding Anniversary on the Dairy Farm. Sunshine Coast Photography
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Sam & Michaella laying in the lush green grass of the Dairy Farm in Kennilworth

Michaella & Sam’s First Wedding Anniversary on the Dairy Farm. Sunshine Coast Photography

Last year Michaella & Sam married at Weddings at Tiffany’s on Sunshine Coasts Hinterland.  I have such fond memories of their beautiful and intimate wedding day.   Their family lives in the UK and they have not been able to get together due to Covid-19 travel bans.  Sam’s mum contacted me on their First Wedding Anniversary to gift them a photo session, what a lovely mum!!  This is the perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift for any other couple!

They both were so excited when I rang them with the news.  Now for the decisions .. where would they like to have the photo session?  I am always open to anything, something that is unique to them as a couple.   They suggested the Dairy Farm where they are currently working and living.  What a sensational idea and I loved the drive out to Kenilworth.  We had photos in the late afternoon when the sun was soft and golden.  There were so many photo opportunities on the property, I was squealing with delight!   Their doggy joined us for the afternoon and we could not resist laying in the lush green grass as the sun was setting.   Towards the end of the session, we went up the house where the super tame pet cows are.  I discovered how challenging it is to photograph with a cow leaning on my shoulder looking for a scratch!  Eventually, I had to jump on the other side of the fence to get away from her.    

If you are a cow lover and enjoy the country life, you will adore these photos!

It was an honour and pleasure to photograph these two again xxx