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I love the simple things in life!
I find less is often more!
My style is simple, classic, natural and fun!

My photos are all about LOVE!

I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champagne….  Oh actually an Apperol Spritz is my favourite at the moment!

I would love to hear all about you and your love story.

Shell xx

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Shellbells Photography | Chris, Danae, Alexander & Anna – Family
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Chris, Danae, Alexander & Anna – Family

Sunshine Coast Family Photography

One of the things I love the most, is taking a family out on the beach and letting the kids run wild. When kids are relaxed and having fun, their personalities just shine.   This is the third session I have had with this amazing family and I feel so privileged to capture them growing up.

Kids change and grow up so quickly, what do you love about your kids at the moment?
So much!! Family snuggles in bed, their joy in simple discoveries about the world, seeing them become great friends and helping each other, their funny misuse of words, their divine innocence.  

What did you like the most about working with Shell?
She is relaxed and friendly, and a master at getting the kids to come out of their shell. And somehow she gets snaps of smiles during a child’s temper tantrum! She not only takes lovely photos, but captures their personality as well.